Lake Bled

Before we moved to Europe, Slovenia wasn’t even on my radar.  I wanted to visit Italy, France and the more ‘popular’ places in Europe.  I learned very quickly that Slovenia is so underrated and an absolute must visit place!

Alright, lets get to it! Here is my full 2-DAY travel guide in Lake Bled, Slovenia!


Without a doubt, I recommend this AirBnB Private Beach House on Lake Bled.  You are getting the COMPLETE lake experience when staying here .  It is one of the only houses directly on the Lake with its own private dock and beautiful views of the island!


It was way too cold for a dip in the Lake but the porch swing is there for warmer days! During summer months, the AIRBNB includes canoes and bicycles to ride into town.  Walk along the lake for 15 minutes and you will find yourself in the quaint town of Bled surrounded by cafes, restaurants and breathtaking views.

Walk around Lake Bled

During your stay, take the time and walk around Lake Bled.  It will take 60-90 minutes to walk around the entire lake but I promise it is SO WORTH IT!  There are so many different views around the lake and every place is picturesque.


Walking around Lake Bled!

One of the many views from Lake Bled

Hike to the top of Ojstrica

Put on your hiking shoes and take the 45 minute walk up to Ojstrica hill! While walking around the Lake you will see signs that point you directly to the trail.  Once you have reached the top you will be rewarded with the best view of Lake Bled, the castle, island and beautiful mountains that give the lake the perfect backdrop.


Lake Bled




Hiking up to the very top!

Rent a boat/Visit the Island

B&B Pletna allows you to rent your own paddle boats for $25/hour! You can’t beat the price and the experience of rowing your own boat on Lake Bled.  It took us 15-20 minutes to row the boat to the island.  After docking the boat, we walked up the stairs, explored the church & drank some delicious hot chocolate on the island!



The dock at B&B Pletna!

Restaurant Sova

After rowing our private boat to the Island, we found this restaurant next to the B&B Pletna.  It is located on Lake Bled giving you beautiful views of the island while eating delicious and affordable meals.  Sova was THE BEST restaurant that my husband & I have been to in Europe.  We were so impressed that we went back the very next night.  THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST!


Inside Restaurant Sova


Prosciutto & assorted cheese platter


Creamy truffle soup with boiled chestnuts, prosciutto chips and profiterole with black chanterelles


Mango-Tiramisu with white and dark chocolate and lavender creme brûlée

Explore Ljubljana

Just 45 minutes from Lake Bled is the capital of Slovenia.  Ljubljana is the largest city in Slovenia and worth taking a few hours to explore. A river runs through the entire city and is lined with quaint cafes, ice cream parlors and beautiful architecture.  The Ljubljana Castle is located in the city center and a 15 minute uphill walk to the very top!


Downtown Ljubljana with the Castle!


Crossing over one of the many bridges in downtown Ljubljana

Škocjan Caves

We left Lake Bled and drove 1 hr 30 minutes to the Skocjan Caves! These caves are one of the largest underground canyons in the world with a river still actively flowing through. For only 16 euros we were able walk 500ft underground and explore the caves with a tour guide! During the tour you will cross a narrow suspended bridge 150ft from the ground! This was by far one of the most unique experiences we have had in Europe and I would HIGHLY recommend! Also: NO PHOTOS ALLOWED in the caves but how could you NOT sneak a few pictures??

IMG_2855 2IMG_2860 2


SLOVENIA is a hidden gem in Europe and we are so grateful we had the opportunity to visit this beautiful place! Use this itinerary when visiting the Lake Bled area and you will not be disappointed!


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