Luxurious Croatia Villa


I packed my passport, suitcases & camera equipment and flew into Split, Croatia.  I stayed in a luxurious villa with 9 other people from around the world (literally).  We had people from Brazil, Canada, London, Australia, Estonia, America, Latvia & the Netherlands.  How did I land this opportunity? Let me explain.

I have been following the very talented Kaptain Kenny on Instagram for a while.  I have been inspired by her story telling abilities, photography and her killer Australian accent.  A few months ago she created a hashtag (#TeamKaptainKenny) specifically for travelers like myself.  It started off as a small community of people sharing their travel inspiration and grew to nearly 30,000 photos within a few months.

When she realized how quickly the community was growing she had the brilliant idea of hosting a collaboration retreat in Croatia with 10 other people specializing in story telling, videography, editing & photography.  Within a few hours I applied and received a message that I would be one of the 10 people lucky enough to go!

Fast forward a few weeks and there we were!  10 random people from around the world in a house getting to know each other, sharing ideas, creating photos and learning from one another.



What we did:

We were asked to come to The Bohoho free of charge in exchange for creating content and rebuilding their Instagram page. We were able to create beautiful images to help market The Bohoho and help advertise its true worth.  We conducted informal classes where we would would learn from one another on Photography, Editing, Lightroom, Writing & Vlogging. Throughout our week stay we continued to share ideas, create content and enjoy the beautiful town of Split.

About the Villa:

The Bohoho is a newly renovated Croatian Villa sitting on the hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea and Downtown Split.  The Villa can sleep up to 12 guests and is fully equipped with everything you would need for an enjoyable vacation with family or friends.  The owner of the Villa is an interior designer and that is easily seen as you walk through every room.  Patterned wallpaper, vibrant colors, eclectic decor and a beautiful infinity pool is what differentiates this house from any other vacation home.  Each room has a separate color scheme and private balconies overlooking the backyard.

Inside the house …

Bedroom 2

Wilderness Room


Blue Room


Pineapple Room


Fully Equipped Kitchen


Rooftop Bed


Rooftop Views


Backyard Accessories


Infinity Pool


Downstairs Bathroom

living room

Living Room



The first Kaptain Kenny Collab Camp was a huge success!  I met people from all over the world and had an absolute blast creating content for the beautiful Bohoho Villa. Want to join the next retreat?  Stay tuned for Kaptain Kenny Collab Camp Round #2!


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