Welcome Friends!!! I am 100% Italian, lover of sushi and all things Netflix. I’m a crazy dog lady, I start conversations with random people, I take way too many pictures, and I laugh at my own jokes. I am 25 years young & feel the need to see places that seem out of reach. I’ve worked in the corporate world since I graduated college in 2014. I’ve lived in Chicago, Kentucky, Colorado, Georgia & South Carolina.  I put the Pharmaceutical career on hold, downloaded Duolingo, packed our house up and jumped on a plane to GERMANY!!! Did I mention the ticket was ONE way?

rome italy

Who is the 4-legged model?

Her name is Stella Bella Green (Yes, she has a middle name). She’s a 3 year old German Shepherd & her birthday is on November 1st (Her birthday is a celebrated holiday). She wears her emotions on her sleeve, her ears are satellites and if it’s not the filet mignon version of dog food she won’t even look at it.  She does not understand the concept of personal space and we do not mind at all. If we travel, she travels.


Who is the hottie?

The handsome man in my pictures is someone I am lucky enough to call my hubby.  Rewind 6 years ago, we were two students at Western Kentucky University who ended up in the same Law Enforcement class.  He asked me to ‘study’ for an upcoming test, I said yes.  I wore black velvet pants because I thought my butt looked good. We were kicked out of the library for laughing too much & from there we went on our first date where I ate 2 steaks (Rule #1: if you feed me, I am a happy camper). We are a hell of a duo, slightly inappropriate, share the same passion for traveling and we are always planning our next adventure.

kenny solden