Luxurious Croatia Villa


I packed my passport, suitcases & camera equipment and flew into Split, Croatia.  I stayed in a luxurious villa with 9 other people from around the world (literally).  We had people from Brazil, Canada, London, Australia, Estonia, America, Latvia & the Netherlands.  How did I land this opportunity? Let me explain.

I have been following the very talented Kaptain Kenny on Instagram for a while.  I have been inspired by her story telling abilities, photography and her killer Australian accent.  A few months ago she created a hashtag (#TeamKaptainKenny) specifically for travelers like myself.  It started off as a small community of people sharing their travel inspiration and grew to nearly 30,000 photos within a few months.

When she realized how quickly the community was growing she had the brilliant idea of hosting a collaboration retreat in Croatia with 10 other people specializing in story telling, videography, editing & photography.  Within a few hours I applied and received a message that I would be one of the 10 people lucky enough to go!

Fast forward a few weeks and there we were!  10 random people from around the world in a house getting to know each other, sharing ideas, creating photos and learning from one another.



What we did:

We were asked to come to The Bohoho free of charge in exchange for creating content and rebuilding their Instagram page. We were able to create beautiful images to help market The Bohoho and help advertise its true worth.  We conducted informal classes where we would would learn from one another on Photography, Editing, Lightroom, Writing & Vlogging. Throughout our week stay we continued to share ideas, create content and enjoy the beautiful town of Split.

About the Villa:

The Bohoho is a newly renovated Croatian Villa sitting on the hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea and Downtown Split.  The Villa can sleep up to 12 guests and is fully equipped with everything you would need for an enjoyable vacation with family or friends.  The owner of the Villa is an interior designer and that is easily seen as you walk through every room.  Patterned wallpaper, vibrant colors, eclectic decor and a beautiful infinity pool is what differentiates this house from any other vacation home.  Each room has a separate color scheme and private balconies overlooking the backyard.

Inside the house …

Bedroom 2

Wilderness Room


Blue Room


Pineapple Room


Fully Equipped Kitchen


Rooftop Bed


Rooftop Views


Backyard Accessories


Infinity Pool


Downstairs Bathroom

living room

Living Room



The first Kaptain Kenny Collab Camp was a huge success!  I met people from all over the world and had an absolute blast creating content for the beautiful Bohoho Villa. Want to join the next retreat?  Stay tuned for Kaptain Kenny Collab Camp Round #2!



15 photos that will convince you to visit Malta!

Blue Lagoon, Comino Island




IMG_5517-2 2.JPG

St. Julians IMG_5682-2

Popeye Village



Golden Bay Beach

IMG_5757 2-3

Mouth of the Wind



Fisherman’s Village


Dingli Cliffs


Blue Grotto


Ancient City of Mdina


Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort


Where to Stay:

We stayed at the beautiful Marina Hotel in St. Julians.  For an additional $33 the front desk scheduled transportation to and from Malta airport which was a huge help! The room gave off mega beach vibes and the balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea was indescribable. When staying at Marina Hotel, you also get access to all pools/restaurants of the neighboring resort (pictured above). The resort offers a free of charge ‘travel concierge’ in which we booked both of our excursions.  Added bonus? The front desk gives you a GOPRO (for free) & you are able to use it as you wish throughout the entire day.  If you wish to keep any of your photos you pay for the SIM card, and the photos are all yours! How awesome is that! I would highly recommend staying at this resort when visiting Malta.  The Marina is beautiful, affordable, convenient & you can’t pass up these spectacular views…

Tip #1: Looking for the best deal?! During the last week of May the resort was offering half off our stay !  Look to schedule before the crazy summer months!IMG_5197

Dinner Views from hotel


Rocky Beach outside hotel


Drinks with a view




We paid €25/per person for the Blue Lagoon/Camino Island cruise.  We ordered a shuttle to come to our resort and take us to the ship!  This was an all day cruise to the Blue Lagoon at Comino Island.  Once you arrive at the Blue Lagoon, the boat offers a buffet style lunch (included in price) & an open bar with beer and wine (also included!!). We had a few hours to explore the beautiful island before getting back on the boat and enjoying an hour long ride back to Malta.  Yes you read that correctly – €25/per person for the boat ride, lunch, alcohol & a safe ride back to your resort. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Tip #1: bring beach towels with you because the beach is very rocky and it’s not the most comfortable to lay on! Tip #2: Bring cash with you because there are several food and drink vendors at the  Blue Lagoon that are cash only!

Captain Morgan Jeep Safari 


You can’t leave without doing the all day Jeep Safari tour around Malta.  We paid €50/per person for this excursion and toured so many different places around the island.  After curbside pickup from our resort we then spent the rest of the day in the back of an old jeep with a front row seat to some pretty badass places.  We stopped at over 9 locations including the Red Tower, Popeye village, the Ancient City of Mdina, Blue Grotto, Dingli Cliffs and Marsaxlokk Fishing Village (pictures above).  Halfway through the trip, our tour group took an hour break and ate at a local restaurant in town (lunch included in price).  Side note: Try CISK, the local Malta beer! It is delicious and only 1 euro! This is an all day excursion and worth every penny!

Drink the €1 beers, jump in the blue lagoon, dangle your legs off the cliffs, walk through the narrow streets of Mdina & enjoy the beautiful island of Malta! This is my favorite place in Europe … so far

Lake Bled

Before we moved to Europe, Slovenia wasn’t even on my radar.  I wanted to visit Italy, France and the more ‘popular’ places in Europe.  I learned very quickly that Slovenia is so underrated and an absolute must visit place!

Alright, lets get to it! Here is my full 2-DAY travel guide in Lake Bled, Slovenia!


Without a doubt, I recommend this AirBnB Private Beach House on Lake Bled.  You are getting the COMPLETE lake experience when staying here .  It is one of the only houses directly on the Lake with its own private dock and beautiful views of the island!


It was way too cold for a dip in the Lake but the porch swing is there for warmer days! During summer months, the AIRBNB includes canoes and bicycles to ride into town.  Walk along the lake for 15 minutes and you will find yourself in the quaint town of Bled surrounded by cafes, restaurants and breathtaking views.

Walk around Lake Bled

During your stay, take the time and walk around Lake Bled.  It will take 60-90 minutes to walk around the entire lake but I promise it is SO WORTH IT!  There are so many different views around the lake and every place is picturesque.


Walking around Lake Bled!

One of the many views from Lake Bled

Hike to the top of Ojstrica

Put on your hiking shoes and take the 45 minute walk up to Ojstrica hill! While walking around the Lake you will see signs that point you directly to the trail.  Once you have reached the top you will be rewarded with the best view of Lake Bled, the castle, island and beautiful mountains that give the lake the perfect backdrop.


Lake Bled




Hiking up to the very top!

Rent a boat/Visit the Island

B&B Pletna allows you to rent your own paddle boats for $25/hour! You can’t beat the price and the experience of rowing your own boat on Lake Bled.  It took us 15-20 minutes to row the boat to the island.  After docking the boat, we walked up the stairs, explored the church & drank some delicious hot chocolate on the island!



The dock at B&B Pletna!

Restaurant Sova

After rowing our private boat to the Island, we found this restaurant next to the B&B Pletna.  It is located on Lake Bled giving you beautiful views of the island while eating delicious and affordable meals.  Sova was THE BEST restaurant that my husband & I have been to in Europe.  We were so impressed that we went back the very next night.  THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST!


Inside Restaurant Sova


Prosciutto & assorted cheese platter


Creamy truffle soup with boiled chestnuts, prosciutto chips and profiterole with black chanterelles


Mango-Tiramisu with white and dark chocolate and lavender creme brûlée

Explore Ljubljana

Just 45 minutes from Lake Bled is the capital of Slovenia.  Ljubljana is the largest city in Slovenia and worth taking a few hours to explore. A river runs through the entire city and is lined with quaint cafes, ice cream parlors and beautiful architecture.  The Ljubljana Castle is located in the city center and a 15 minute uphill walk to the very top!


Downtown Ljubljana with the Castle!


Crossing over one of the many bridges in downtown Ljubljana

Škocjan Caves

We left Lake Bled and drove 1 hr 30 minutes to the Skocjan Caves! These caves are one of the largest underground canyons in the world with a river still actively flowing through. For only 16 euros we were able walk 500ft underground and explore the caves with a tour guide! During the tour you will cross a narrow suspended bridge 150ft from the ground! This was by far one of the most unique experiences we have had in Europe and I would HIGHLY recommend! Also: NO PHOTOS ALLOWED in the caves but how could you NOT sneak a few pictures??

IMG_2855 2IMG_2860 2


SLOVENIA is a hidden gem in Europe and we are so grateful we had the opportunity to visit this beautiful place! Use this itinerary when visiting the Lake Bled area and you will not be disappointed!

Lauterbrunnen, Grimmelwald & Mürren


After spending a few days in Interlaken and Lake Brienz, we took the train from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen (20-minute ride) where we explored the pictureesque town. Lauterbrunnen is a small village nestled between mountains and surrounded by cliffs and waterfalls.

Lauterbrunnen Cliff Edit

Lauterbrunnen Edit

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.51.47 AM

Airtime Cafe

We ate breakfast at Airtime which was an adorable cafe centered in town. Airtime had several meal options, tea, coffee & hot alcoholic drinks. With Free Wi-Fi, a cozy atmosphere & a dog friendly environment, this was easily one of my favorite breakfast restaurants in Europe thus far. I ate breakfast next to a 4lb Pomeranian puppy named Grizzly which was the highlight of my morning (big dog lover over here). Airtime is  unique because they have their own booking office in the cafe. Enjoy a hot cup of tea and plan your next adventure.

Airtime EditAirtime edit2

After breakfast at Airtime Cafe we walked to the Gondola in the city center of Lauterbrunnen and purchased an 11 CHF ticket up to Grufschalp mountain. After a 10 minute gondola ride, exit the gondola and hop on the train to Mürren, Switzerland. The train ride to Mürren is a short 15 minutes.  Get a window seat and enjoy the spectactular views.


Train to Mürren


After arriving to Mürren I was completely blown away by mountainous views.  Mürren is a small Swiss village that is accessible by cable car only.  The streets are filled with people walking, plenty of snow and cross country skiers. The best part? NO CARS.  We spent a few hours walking around town & indulging in Swiss Cuisine.

Murren Edit 2

Hotel Alpenruh Restaurant

You can’t visit the Swiss Alps and not eat Fondue, right? We came across a chalet style restaurant with panorama views of the Jungfrau mountains. Hotel Alpenruh Restaurant was moderately priced and we devoured cheese fondue for 23 CHF/per person.  Friendly staff, breathtaking views and a chalet mountain vibe is enough for me to come back and visit this beautiful town.

Restaurant Balcony View

Inside Hotel Alpenruh

Cheese Fondue



The restaurant is next to the Mürren cable car which we hopped on and headed to Grimmelwald, our last stop on our day trip!  Grimmelwald was never on my radar when traveling Europe.  Although Grimmelwald isn’t a popular tourist destination like Interlaken or Zermatt, Switzerland, it is SO WORTH IT! Grimmelwald is a tiny village halfway up the mountain between Mürren and Stechelberg at an elevation of 4,500 ft.


The Honest Shop

In the small town of Grimmelwald you can find ‘Europe’s First Unattended Self Service Shop’.  There are no employees, supervisors or cameras.  If you want to buy an item from the Honesty Shop, put the correct amount of money in the envelope and place it in the honesty box.  This store depends entirely on trust and honesty. How amazing is this??


Honesty Shop


Inside the Honesty Shop

Attached to the Honesty Shop is a hotel/restaurant called Pension. The restaurant has incredible views of the mountains and serves the most delicious hot chocolate/baileys.  It is a family owned restaurant with the sweetest employees that made us feel right at home. They have a patio that is open during summer months where you can enjoy the mountain air & a cold beer.


I felt like I was in a dream walking around the town of Grimmelwald.  There were no cars being driven down the small roads and the town’s population is 60 people.  It was a quaint town with indescribable views.  Grimmelwald will always be one of my favorite villages in Switzerland.

We started our day at 9:00 am and traveled to Lauterbrunnen, Mürren & Grimmelwald.  Two of those towns are ‘car free’ villages and can be accessed by cable cars.  Visit the villages that are off the map, and avoid the towns that are overcrowded to appreciate the views.